CTRL+N: Building Your Ideal Investment Strategy

After a highly successful first session, we’ve decided to run another round of our Investment Strategy workshop!

The startup ecosystem is growing exponentially and more funding is available than ever before.

But for many founders, raising capital is still a massive challenge. How do I find investors? How do I manage the process? How much of my company should I be willing to give away?

Join us as we synthesise our key learnings from helping early stage startups raise over $130M over the last 2 years alone to help you to start building out your own investment strategy, including:

– How to think about raising capital for your startup;
– How to target the right investors; and
– How to approach preparation to spend less time to get the deal done.

Note: Limited seats available for this workshop. Apply before we fill up!

Session Host: Josh Sharma

Josh is the Head of Labs & Startups at LUNA. LUNA is a full-service startup studio that works with startups to help them grow and scale by of