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AgTech Melbourne- Raising Capital through Crowdfunding: Food, Beverage and AgTech Startups

Crowdfunding (CF) is a vehicle for young companies to raise funds and attract first wave customers in the crucial early days of bootstrapping a brand launch. Startups may offer merchandise "rewards" or equity in exchange for pledges from the public. The design and marketing of a startups campaign can make or break its success at raising capital. Join us as we interview CEO, Alan Crabbe of Pozible and Birchal Equity Crowdfunding through several case studies of food, beverage and agtech campaigns. Dissecting what went right, and perhaps more importantly how it can go wrong..

Investibility Masterclass

Investibility 3hr Masterclass Have you wondered the difference between startups that secure millions of dollars in investment and those that don't? It all comes down to their Investibility which centres around core pillars that, if you can identify and improve will radically increase your chance of an investment. The Investibility Masterclass is a jam packed session designed to educate you on these core pillars and provide you insight on how investors evaluate high potential founders. At the conclusion of this Masterclass you will walk away with the tools to assess your own Investibility. About Investible Investible has been investing in early stage companies since 2010 - in fact with over 70 investments we are one of the most active early stage investors in Australia. Our portfolio has achieved less than a 10% failure rate and we are proud to have been the first investors in Canva (US$2.5 b EV), Brandless (US$600 m EV) and Ipsy (US$750 m EV). Masterclass Event Details: 4.00 – Opening remarks 4.20 - Intro to Investibility 4.40 – Business Model Blueprint 5.20 – Fingerprint for Success 5.45 - Investible Games 6.00 - Q and A 6.30 – Drinks/Networking Testimonials: "The Investibility Workshop helped me learn a lot about strategy. We're scaling at the moment, and this workshop helped me strategise at a higher level by looking at the business in the long-term and ensuring that it's viable and scalable. I would recommend it to startups who have a prototype and are already on the market so they can develop a plan and establish the processes necessary in order to scale and present their business to investors. It's an especially valuable workshop if they're accountable to other stakeholders (clients, investors, etc.) as it helps you work out the income streams in a clear fashion." Christina Chun - Founder of 1Scope

Learn how to invest in Startups

Get started on your journey as a startup investor with Australia and Asia's leading trainer of Angel investors. Thousands of new and experienced investors and founders on four continents have paid to attend these workshops. This workshop is a world class experience, developed in collaboration with the top Angel educators globally for more than a decade. It is the leading Angel training program in Australia and this first chapter is the ideal time to engage with the program. You will benefit from the distilled experience and insights of some of the most effective Angel investors in the world. This is for active investors, aspiring investors, founders, service providers and ecosystem champions. Delivered through the current #1 Angel group in Australia. We have been building the early-stage ecosystem in Australia across two centuries!! Don't miss out!!