Demystifying Tracking – What You Can Track With Your Website.

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Demystifying Tracking – What can you track with your website introduction workshop focuses on applying sophisticated tracking to your marketing campaigns. Whether you are a seasoned professional or are just beginning in the world of digital, you are welcome as this workshop caters to professionals of all levels. Using real world case studies, you will learn

– What are websites tracking about you
– How websites use the tracking to target ads at you
– How tracking helps company remarket to you
– How cross device tracking works and how accurate it is.
– How to approach digital marketing as a career path.

Hosted by Supriya Gudipalley who is the performance manager at Weboptimizers, a digital agency which runs marketing campaigns for the likes of Luna Park, Melbourne Central, Lombard, Linen House, Novotel & hundreds of other Australian brands. Supriya specialises in paid marketing and tracking and formerly worked for Google.