Dream Launch Monthly Lunch’n’Learn: What is a good idea, anyway?

This is Episode 3 in Dream Launch’s Monthly Lunch ‘n’ Learn Dream Talks Series for Product Innovators and Creators – Enabling you to understand the FUTURE OF PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT and the journey ahead.


This month’s webinar will take the form of an interactive panel discussion with three Disruptexperts – each with a Case-Study to share insights about – with you during the hour.

• How to work out if your product startup idea is any good – and change it fast if it’s not!
• How do you know if your idea is any good? And do you know what to do next once you find the good ones?

Our panel of 3 experts – Data Scientist Linda Ginger, Business Designer Melissa Pepers & Product Development Entrepreneur Ian Reilly – will share their extensive innovation-building experience with stories that illustrate all the highs and lows of this stage of the product development journey.

Please come with any burning questions as this is intended to be a dynamic session