The Startup Ninja: Getting Funds to Launch an App Without Spending a Dime

Learn how fund your startup without selling an equity and build an MVP to validate your idea, even without a tech background. In this one-hour session, we’ll answer questions many founders ask on kick-starting startups and launching apps without funding and technical background.

Brian Dorricott, a serial entrepreneur with multiple successful exits under his belt, will reveal new way of stacking evidence to dramatically increase the likelihood of funding. It’s not just about business angels, banks, investors, venture capitalists, government agencies or friends and family… not even customers! There’s other resources you can tap to power you to the future.

Ten Tang, from software development agency Oursky, will share her tips and insights on how to validate your ideas and manage product development if you’re a nontechnical founder.

Join us in our fireside chat and address your questions directly to professionals who were once in your shoes.