Zero to Launch: Espresso Displays

Espresso Displays has made the world’s thinnest portable monitor, designed for anyone who is always working on-the-go.
In this talk, the team will share their journey, whilst sharing tips about the three pivotal stages for any hardware start-up:
1. Prototyping, Customer Validation, Product-Market Fit
2. Manufacturing in China (it is easier than what people tell you)
3. Crowdfunding (Kickstarter) and Go-To-Market strategies

Scott McKeon (Co-Founder)
Scott has diverse experience across Infrastructure, Higher Education and Technology. He is a Director of Construction Non-Profit, From The Ground Up, and teaches at University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). He has previously worked on Infrastructure Projects in Sydney as an Engineer for over 4 years.

Will Scuderi (Co-Founder)
Will is a Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineer who is world-class in Product Development. He has worked for Nanosonic Technologies and Resmed, two of Australia’s leading MedTech companies.

Matt Childs (Co-Founder)
Matt has founded multiple companies, is a Stanford Innovation Fellow and is an expert in Business Operation and Logistics. He is the Founder of Wine Stash, Australia’s leading supplier of wine storage goods and a Co-Founder of Kidz That Move. Matt studied an Engineering and Business double-degree and was one of Australia’s first Stanford Innovation Fellows.

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