What I’ve Learnt From Failing – Panel Event

Most startups are lead by tenacious, ambitious, and unstoppable entrepreneurs. But founding a startup takes a lot of work, time, and energy.

New challenges can pop up at any time and often frequently. What happens when things go wrong? How do you deal with it? News and social media often show the glory of entrepreneurship or the occasional tragic next level “failures” but what about the little failures in between? The ones that no one talks about.

Join us for three stories of failure from three Melbourne entrepreneurs. In an authentic panel discussion, we’re going to uncover:

What does failure even mean? When do you decide to stop trying?

Specific strategies to deal with failure on a personal level, because it takes a toll.

Hear about founders high-highs but importantly, the real story about their lowest lows…

Understand what they did to look after themselves and pick themselves up again after the stumble… and what they’re doing now!

Our Speakers:

Dave Chung, CEO and Co-Founder of Limbr

Jodie Imam, General Manager of SBE Australia

Tanya Dontas, Co-Founder of Vollie