The Reality of Building a FinTech in Aus: Lessons Learned w/ Ben Pfisterer

Join us for an exclusive session with Square’s Ben Pfisterer, hosted by Startup Victoria and FinTech Australia, that will shed light on the reality of launching and growing a FinTech in Australia. The discussion will be moderated by Startup Victoria CEO Judy Anderson, and explore the potential challenges and pitfalls FinTechs may encounter and how to overcome them, the trends that are influencing the industry, the complexity of bringing new brands into Australia as well as the lessons that local founders can use to scale their businesses effectively.

As a growing payments company now in five markets globally, Square is no stranger to big challenges, as its founder and CEO Jack Dorsey (of Twitter fame) will tell you, and deploying an established brand from scratch in Australia was no exception. Australia’s financial sector is one of the strongest and most competitive in the world, with the proliferation of new tech disruptors and the current spotlight on our financial services sector creating a dynamic space to be part of. We’re excited to share some of the intimate details of Square’s journey so far, along with their biggest learnings and successes, to help prime the next generation of FinTech founders for success.

Register your spot, and we look forward to seeing you there.