Startup Success Series: Your Role as a Founder

Being an early-stage founder involves wearing a lot of hats. It’s usually you and 1 or 2 others covering every position for the startup – product, marketing, strategy, customer support, finance, management; the list can feel endless. You have a hand in every aspect of your business, but as your business grows how do you choose which parts you stay involved with? Your role will evolve, but deciding how it evolves and which parts of your startup you focus on can be a huge challenge.

As you make more hires and define critical roles, defining your own role becomes more important. You can become a Chief Executive Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Technology Officer, or something else entirely – making the decision isn’t easy. That’s why for this edition of the Startup Success Series, we’ll be speaking with founders who’ve experienced scaleup growth and their own roles change drastically over time. They’ll offer advice and insights into how to choose which area of the business you should focus on; how to know when to step back from certain responsibilities and more.

Specifically, we’ll cover:

  • Knowing your role right now (and sticking to it)
  • When to take a step back from certain responsibilities
  • Tripwires and signs that you have spread yourself too thin
  • The different roles founders take in their startups as they grow
  • Plus more!