How to build a business even, as an overseas student

Whether you have a sitting on an idea, currently building your side hustle/business or hoping to in the future. Our event series will help you get started and move further faster with an authentic community of founders and creators.

In this event, you will hear from our outstanding panellists who will share their stories about how they went from a student to a startup founder with a Q & A time in the end. This event is interactive and the topics discussed include:
💪 How to discover your cultural strengths
🤥 The biggest myths in culture and entrepreneurship
👢 What steps international students or emerging founders and creators can take to build something that has an impact
🤝 The power of mentorship/coaching (and how you can find one)

Hosted by Uncommon collective. A movement that amplifies emerging migrant/refugee founders & creators to build things that matter, with those that enable them to flourish. In a community that deeply understands the migrant context.