Fulfilio & Auspost Breakfast Discussion

It’s a subject we talk about all the time. Corporates and startups love to partner together in the pursuit for innovation. But how does this partnership actually work?

On Wednesday, September 26, we’re hosting a Melbourne brekkie discussing the synergy between corporates and startups.

Our speakers: Rick Wingfield, GM of Innovation at Australia Post, and Mathew Galt, Co-Founder and CEO of Fulfilio, will divulge the workings of their corporate-startup relationship.

Between both parties, there’s much to learn about the benefits from collaborating together. From leveraging each other’s resources, to introductions to distribution channels and key partners – most recently, striking a partnership with eBay.

Our host for the chat, Justin Williams, will be digging up the origins of the relationship. What worked and what didn’t, their future plans working together and their thoughts on the future of corporate/startup venturing.

Don’t miss out and be sure to grab a ticket!