CTRL+N: Leveraging Productivity for Growth with Adam Jelic (Founder of MiGOALS)

How do you set practical, achievable goals? And what’s the best way to turn those goals into reality? Sometimes, just being accountable to yourself is the biggest hurdle.

Lucky for us, we have Adam Jelic, founder of first-of-its-kind organisational stationery brand MiGOALS, joining us for a chat.
Born out of his personal struggle to feel inspired and stay committed to his vision, MiGOALS is Adam’s solution to the problem; providing tools to empower people & help them get better at actioning their potential. Adam has made it his mission to understand what it takes to overcome the pesky roadblocks to success.

He’ll be walking us through the fundamentals of self-awareness & practical goal-setting, peppering the session with lessons he’s learnt on his entrepreneurial journey.

We’ll be uncovering:

– Getting clear on your values, purpose & vision
– Goal-setting for success & ways to stay accountable
– Tips & tricks to track your progress