Business Book Chats with Bernadette Schwerdt presented by StartSpace

Bernadette Schwerdt professional speaker, author and podcast host, has compiled practical advice for shaping a successful online business into 5 steps in her book; How to Build an Online Business.

Join us via YouTube at the next Business Book Chats event to hear from Bernadette, as she talks to Ingrid Josephine, Events Producer from StartSpace about some of the best advice founders can apply to their online venture.

Relevant to both new founders starting out and those with businesses already established, Bernadette has included many case studies in her book from successful Australian businesses to draw from, providing answers for many common questions including;

How do you know if your business idea is worth pursuing?
How do you shape your minimum viable product?
What are some of the free tools and technologies other businesses have used on their path to success?

This book is a handy companion for anyone on the business founder journey. Registration is essential.