B Corp Month Community Night #3 – Theme: Fine Tooth Comb

Over four evenings of celebration, Our Community House is hosting a series of intimate events to hear from B-corps leading the way in making the world a better place. Each night a selection of four B-corps will present on the week’s theme, concluding with a panel discussion and Q&A.

Event Structure

• 5.30pm – Welcome + Food, Drinks, Meeting each other
• 6.00pm – Introduction from Our Community House
• 6.15pm – Presentations (4 x 10 min)
• 7.00pm – Hosted Panel Conversation + Q&A
• 7.30pm – Thank you + Food, Drinks, Meeting each other
• 8.00pm – Event Ends

Join to hear from pioneers leading the way and meet fellow B Corps as we strengthen the community and it’s ability to push for change in a world that needs it.