Founder to Founder Firesides: Matt Bullock

Don’t miss this exclusive lunchtime founder fireside chat with serial entrepreneur Matt Bullock.

Matt is the current CEO and Founder of Spinify, previously the CEO and Founder of eWAY which revolutionized the online payments industry, recently acquired for US $50 million.

Shortly after selling eWAY, Matt instantly established Spinify, a new venture focused on workplace engagement and staff motivation. Spinify Leader boards reflect Bullock’s learnings and experience in running global Sales and Service teams and the continuous requirement to engage and motivate them to do more of the metrics that matter and that drive business outcomes.

Over the last 3 years, Bullock has switched his focus on giving back to the Start-up community, through inspiring early-stage corporate philanthropy.

Matt has been the recipient for numerous awards, in 2016 he received the Exit of the Year award by Australian Growth Company Award.

You’ll hear Matt’s unique insights from his vast experience as an early-stage founder, helpful advice on managing your Startup’s growth and meeting customer expectations. As well as plenty of time for your questions in an informal environment.

– Shared experiences as an early stage founder
– How to manage the transition from being a highly technical founder to a well-rounded business CEO.
– As CEO/Founder of a startup with a successful exit, Matt will provide tips for how to manage rapid growth in your company.
– Shared experiences in helping to grow eWAY from $0 Rev. and few employees to US $50 Million exit
– Raising funding is not the end-goal, but building a big company is. What to do after you raise funding and what to expect.
– What expectations customers have through the new payment systems (Banks, Merchants & end users)
– And much more, including your questions!

If you are a startup founder or entrepreneur, this is a talk you do not want to miss!