Webinar: ‘Breakfast at Noon’ with Steve Torso, Founder at Wholesale Investor and CRIISP

In a time of uncertainty, learning to adapt to change and being innovative is the key to success. We invite you to join a conversation with those who are ensuring learning to adapt and continue to grow is of a top priority especially during a time of the unknown.

Join us for our February session with Steve Torso – Founder at Wholesale Investor and CRIISP.

Steve is passionate about connecting Private, Pre-IPO, IPO, STO, and Small Cap Listed opportunities with High Net Worth, Professional, Family Office, and International Investors. Wholesale Investor is sector agnostic.

CRIISP is a software-driven approach to raising capital. The platform provides an end to end solution SaaS platform for raising capital, accessing investors, engaging in Q&As, managing and tracking investor interest, and operating your investment deal room.