SME Webinar – Why & How E-invoicing Eases Cash Flow

To support small businesses begin their online journey with e-invoicing, we have teamed up with a great calibre of speakers to help unpack “Why & How E-invoicing Eases Cash Flow For Your Business”.

E-invoicing is not just about implementing a new piece of technology into your existing Accounting tech stack.
It’s actually about helping you create customers for life, ease your cashflow, reduce human error by 70%+ and to create a financially stable business.

Without a doubt e-invoicing is here to stay, and the sooner all small business owners familiarise themselves with e-invoicing and how to get started, the more prepared they will become for its adaptation into their business.

Kate Carnell AO Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman
Clinton Eidelman Digital Product Manager MYOB
Mark Stockwell Assistant Commissioner Digital Partnerships & Strategy (ATO)
Ray Wang CEO and Co-Founder at LUCA Plus
Daniela Herrera Marketing and BDM Lead at LUCA Plus