11th Talks Episode 13: Mental Health & Entrepreneurship

With October being the Mental Health Awareness Month, we want to bring you a very special episode of 11th Talks that will aim to raise awareness about the issue and promote positive wellbeing in the community. ⁠

For the 13th episode of 11th Talks, we have Kevin Vowles, Head of Clinical Services and Principal Psychologist at Drake Workwise. Kevin will be discussing the topic of mental health in entrepreneurship, and how to maintain good mental wellbeing in the midst of tumultuous times such as these.⁠

The talk will tackle:⁠
– Tools for managing various personal and work demands⁠
– An understanding of how to protect and enhance mental health and wellbeing⁠
– Mindfulness strategies that can be used in everyday life⁠
– Q&A with the presenter, a clinically trained psychologist⁠