Meet the maker movement: how the maker movement is changing the way we work and live.

For as long as human beings have been, we have made. Made tools. Made objects. Made things that keep us alive. Things that are beautiful to us. Things that get us around. Things that help us to express ourselves.
So what exactly is the ‘maker movement’? Where did it originate from? What are ‘makers’?

The popularity of the maker movement has given rise to makerspaces, a physical location where people gather and share their collective learnings, gain access to tools, resources and knowledge so they can make and create.

Somewhere between an innovation hub, a prototyping lab, a site of micro-urban manufacturing and a traditional workshop, all makerspaces share the characteristic of open collaboration, for people from all backgrounds and disciplines.

Join us and a stellar panel of makerspace professionals for a night dedicated to discussing all things ‘maker, maker movement and makerspaces’.

The evening will also be a great opportunity to network with fellow makers in our beautiful rooftop space while enjoying delicious food and drink. You’ll even get a special pre-launch ‘in-construction’ tour of the FAB9 makerspace. (Please ensure you wear closed-toe shoes as it will be a construction site).