Investment Terms for Startups

An interactive workshop for start-up investors, founders and anyone else passionate about the success of high-growth start-ups.

Melbourne Angels is the #1 Angel group in Australia. Our workshops run all year and are designed to share the knowledge and skills that help turn pre-revenue ventures into high-growth successes.

This workshop is designed to demystify terminology and to facilitate in-depth discussions of the terms and conditions commonly used by Angel investors in funding early-stage entrepreneurs.

We will introduce many of the terms available for use in Angel deals and provide an opportunity to discuss each in the workshop as follows:

Purpose: Why do we and should we care about investment terms?
Context: Which factors influence our choice of terms?
Terminology: What are the most common terms and what do they mean?
Strategy & Process: What are we trying to achieve with terms and how do we conduct the negotiation?
Terms – Structuring the deal: How the investment will happen. What is a Terms Sheet? What type of security? What kind of corporate entity?
Rights: How the investors and founders will operate once the investment is complete. What rights are reserved for us as investors?
Exits and liquidations: Terms governing ownership change over time.

A comprehensive workbook is supplied to all attendees including template documents developed and used by Melbourne Angels (terms sheet, shareholders’ agreement, lead investor assignment, constitution for start-up company).

This workshop is facilitated by Jordan Green, an internationally experienced and respected Angel investor, serial founder and venture capitalist.