Start-Up Essentials for Fashion & Lifestyle Product

You have an idea for a boutique product, but there’s so many parts to consider. How do you successfully bring your idea to market? You can’t be expected to know what you don’t know. This workshop will help you move from idea to action. It aims to help you assess if your product is viable. You may be a passionate designer or marketer with a great idea, but do you have the specialised knowledge and skill-set to physically get your product to market successfully?

In this workshop you’ll:

·Understand the key elements for your product’s viability
·Learn which retail business model best suits your product and how it impacts price
·Learn how to make smart pricing decisions
·Discover the essential elements of pricing
·Understand why material choices & design affect your position in the marketplace and ultimately your product
Gain plenty of industry insights, stories from experience and business resources
You’ll walk away with better insight and understanding to make informed decisions about what product that aligns your interests and, where your product sits in the marketplace and the essential elements of pricing.