Lunch and Learn with FAB9

FAB9 is a makerspace, that empowers inventors. The space has been purpose-built so makers can access the training, tools and prototyping equipment needed to turn ideas into physical realities.

FAB9 is made up of five labs under one roof, including a Timber shop, a Digital Fabrication lab, a CNC lab, an Electronics lab and a Metal shop. Whether you’re a hardware entrepreneur or industrial designer creating the next world-changing product, an amateur tinkerer working on a dream DIY project, or just someone who wants to experiment with different materials and processes, FAB9 is open to you for a monthly membership fee.

Located in Footscray, FAB9 is scheduled to open to the public in February 2019.

In this lunch and learn session, meet the FAB9 team who will explain

What is a makerspace?

What kind of machines, equipment and tools will the FAB makerspace have and and what can you make with those tools?

What is prototyping and how can iterative prototyping benefit your product development process?

How can FAB9 help you develop your prototype?

How does membership work and how can you gain access to FAB9?’