HQ Tech Tank: The Future of Food

It is hard to think of any industry that is more critical for our everyday lives than food. It is one of the basic essentials for human survival, and at the same time a central theme for our entertainment and social interaction.

Over the last century, industrialism has served to boost food production to cover the demand of the rapidly increasing population. However, the topics of food quality, holistic human health in the long term, and environmental impact, are the new driving forces that are guiding the food industry. Where the food comes from and how it is made is becoming as important as the food itself.

In the upcoming Hatch Quarter Tech Tank series on the Future of Food, we will be exploring how technologies and innovation will bring us into a sustainable and ethical future.

HQ will be joined by 3 industry experts: Emma Weston, CEO & Co-Founder of AgriDigital, Harvey Gaynor, CEO at Paraway Pastoral Company and Andrea Koch, Principal at Andrea Koch Agtech.