How to Land a Job at a Startup

Our expert panellists will share their experiences and insights for suitably qualified people wanting to work at a startup.
We will explore:
* What roles, technical and non-technical, are startups and scaleups looking for
* How do you tailor your Linkedin profile and CV to showcase your skills and experience to startups
* Where do you look for jobs
* What can you do if you’ve got the skills but not the startup experience
* What if you’ve got the passion and determination and not the skills
Take Aways:
* What it is like to work for a startup
* What are the day-to-day differences in working for an early stage startup versus a scaleup, versus a unicorn such as Afterpay and Xero
* Practical advice on how to successfully and confidently navigate the interview process
* What to expect when starting your new role at a startup.
Louise Joyce, Talent Experience Manager, Xero; Katelyn Reddin, Director of Wellbeing, Afterpay; Sophia Witherington, Head of Fellowship, Startmate