How to Grow Like Canva

Growth is the lifeblood of every company and Andre Pinantoan is widely considered Australia’s top growth marketer. He developed and led strategies to grow Canva to more than 10 million active, monthly users and has consulted to other high-flying successes such as Tyro and Spaceship. Every business is unique and every growth strategy is different. In this one-day, small-group growth marketing course, you will learn from the best and work with Andrianes to develop sustainable repeatable strategies to grow your business.

– Learn how to leverage SEO and content marketing to grow quickly
– A high-performing on-boarding channel to activate your new customers. You’ll learn to use customer reach and data to find your ‘aha’ moment and identify where and why customers drop off.
– A plan to increase your customer retention metrics using CRM to segment user messages.
– An understanding of the strategy behind customer referrals and develop tactics to increase the viral coefficient of your business.