How to Build a Powerful Personal Brand

Personal brand is central to professional success. This workshop provides you with tools to turn your passions and knowledge into authentic thought leadership. You’ll learn how to build and leverage your profile to amplify and support the growth of your organisation, attract new business and further your career.

– Identify clear personal and promotional objectives and map out a plan that will achieve those goals.
– Understand what makes great content. Identify your signature topic, develop your voice and learn how to establish yourself as a thought leader.
– Create and/or edit an ideal professional bio for use across all your personal brand endeavours.
– Set-up and leverage online networks that are relevant to you including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Medium to amplify your message. You will leave this workshop with everything in place and a road map for maintaining a powerful social presence
– Learn how to attract and deliver relevant speaking engagements.
– Understand how media works and how to position yourself as a go to person for journalists.
– Understand how to leverage your personal brand to support your professional career objectives.
– Learn how to protect your personal and professional reputation online and navigate the social landscape without compromising your professional or your personal identity