Fireside Chat: Automotive Tech

As the world has become smaller and more connected, consumers are demanding more from their cars and transportation options. Amid this changing landscape, what are the opportunities for the automotive industry in Australia, and what are the challenges? Are autonomous, connected, electric vehicles nearly a mass-market reality, or do we have a fair way to go? Can Australia still compete in the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) space, or should we focus more of our efforts on the aftermarket sector? And as demand for technological advancement in the industry increases, where can Australian startups add value?

In partnership with GUD, Startup Victoria is pleased to present a Fireside Chat with professionals from the automotive industry who will answer these questions and more. Join us as Amy Frangos from GUD, Todd Essery from Telstra, Alastair Hampton from RYCO Group, and Kathleen Lawler from Mercedes Benz come together to discuss the automotive industry and its future in Australia.