Digital Marketing: Brand Workshop with Cofounder Vinomofo

In this one-day brand intensive, you’ll learn how Andre Eikmeier (Cofounder) and his team developed the Vinomofo brand and community. You’ll workshop your brand in a small group and create the foundation of a brand strategy that’ll unite your tribe of customers, create a sense of belonging, get people sharing and referring your products and build a defensible business for the long-term.

Course outcomes
– Hone in on and articulate your brand’s purpose. You’ll workshop this with Andre and develop a strong foundation for your brand.
– Define your tribe: who do your stand for and why you are relevant to them?Who don’t you stand for?
– Understand what drives people to follow a brand. Design a strategy to unite your tribe and create a sense of belonging that generates sustainable growth.
– Define how people should feel when they interact with your brand and how to bring this to life across your product, customer experience, design, voice, content and marketing material.
– Develop a framework to use to implement your updated brand across your organisation, have brand filter everything your company does and continue to rally customers and team members over time.