Cyber Security Beyond 2020 – The Landscape for Startups and SMEs

Join us for this joint event organised by the RMIT Centre for Cyber Security Research and Innovation and the Cyber Ready Cloud Innovation Centre – a joint venture between RMIT Activator and AWS.

Want to know the latest in cyber?
We’ll be sharing current cyber trends and its impact on businesses, and offer practical strategies, case studies and solutions on how you too, can adapt and protect your organisation.

Our panel of experts will cover a range of key points including:
– The new 2020 Australian Cyber Security Strategy and its implications;
– Innovation and the role of Start-ups in our economy;
– SME’s and Cyber Security – what you can do today.

Run a business? This is for you!
If you are a founder of your own startup or a manager/ owner of a growing or well-established business join us to hear from some committed organisations leading the way in ensuring access to tools for cyber resilience for new, growing and traditional businesses is world-leading.