Customer Empathy Mapping – First steps to Design Thinking

As business owners, we are not our customers. No amount of training or expertise tells us what is going on in our customers’ heads. Understanding people is the most valuable skill you can develop in business. Being able to look into their context and see the world through their eyes helps you eliminate the cognitive bias and allow your business truly to help your customers accomplish their goals.

This can be achieved with the help of the ‘Customer Empathy Mapping’ a design tool and exercise a business can use to gain a deeper understanding of the experiences their customers have in relation to the businesses offering and as a customer touch points during the process of customer journey mapping

This seminar will focus on developing a solid understanding of the essential phases and methods in design thinking and learn how to implement your newfound knowledge, participants will have the opportunity to create an empathy mapping for your business.

In this workshop you will learn:

-Gain a better understanding of customer empathy mapping
-Learn to apply design thinking to your problems in order to generate innovative and user-centric solutions
-Make use of practical design thinking methods in every stage of your problem, with the help of method templates
-Best use case of empathy mapping for your business


-A laptop
-Pen and Notepad

*An Empathy Map template will be supplied.