Business Summit: How to Navigate Your Life & Business During Unprecedented Times

Your gift during these unprecedented times is a Business summit with experts to empower you with mindset, business & finance tools for this unique time.

Access 10 video discussions with no email, sign-up, or registration required.

1. Communicating effectively online
2. How to deal with fear and anxiety
3. Cashflow and investment opportunities
4. Cyber security – what anyone doing business online needs to know
5. Create your contingency plan in one
6. How to make the most of government support
7. Implementing effective working from home policies
8. Keeping your team motivated while working from home
9. How to nurture your teens while working from home
10. It’s all going to be ok

Your gift is from the team at Rugare Gomo High Performance Coaching. Our mission is to empower you to live a wondrous life, no matter your circumstances.