Building a Business your customers Love

Currently business owners, leaders and decision makers focus majority of their marketing energy on implementing tactics. However, the key to building a brand that your customers will love you need to understand your vision, your market position and your target customers. Once you understand all three you can then create a brand that will resonate with the right people and make them feel you are talking to them. Marketing isn’t about ‘Business to Business’ or ‘Business to Consumer’ it’s about ‘Human to Human’.

Join Phil Ore, co-founder of Marketing Entourage, for this interactive session to help you build a brand that your customers will love. Phil will explain the steps to ensure that your brand will connect and engage with your customers.

If you’re a business leaders, decision makers, marketing and sales managers who are looking grow their business. The businesses could range from early stage startups looking to grow to the next level through to established large companies looking for ways to transform and innovate to enable growth.

What you will leave with;

In this seminar participants will gain a greater understanding of what you need to do to create a brand your customers will love. You will understand what you need to consider for your own vision, market position and target customer. This will be an interactive session, we’re aren’t going to just talk to you – we will get your brains working so that you can go away and build on this with your own teams.