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Intro to Digital Marketing

RSVP Essential See the actual strategies that drive Australia's top brands. Hosted at Zen.Academy headquarters, your host Ajay breaks down the secrets of digital marketing in small digestive chunks. This introductory workshop explores career opportunities in the world of digital. In this 2 hours workshop, you will learn - What makes for a successful digital marketer? - How to analyse any business and their competitors? - How to set proper objectives & KPI for any marketing campaigns? - How to measure a return on investment from marketing campaign? - How to approach digital marketing as a career path? Pathways - What skill sets do employers look for when looking for digital marketing personnel? - How you can get started in the world of digital? - Various career pathways in digital marketing Bonus - Come in to meet representatives from one of Australia's well respected digital agency Weboptimizers and network for career opportunities. Hurry! Spots are limited.

Keys to Success

Is there a formula to success? Catapult have found the “Keys”. Come and get yours. For one day only, come prepared  and unlock your Keys to Success! In the past year, Catapult has analysed over 1,000 companies. Through this analysis, they have learnt so much about what makes a business great and not so great. Catapult have added these findings to a successful workshop series Keys to Success, creating a half-day event in partnership with Westpac, which is jam-packed with goodies. Join us and unlock your Keys to Success. Register today.

How does a prototype become a product?

Development of hardware products (electronics, mechanical, software) has challenges and complexities that don't apply to other types of products. This masterclass will cover the development process for hardware products, including details about each development stage, and how to maximise outcomes as well as reduce risks and costs. By the end of the masterclass you will have a better understanding of: The typical stages in the development of hardware products The key activities, outputs and deliverables required at each stage The importance of documenting product requirements early How to maximise outcomes from your product development effort There'll also be opportunities to network with other hardware innovators over refreshments. Guest Speakers: HardworX - Vela Georgiev Tekt Industries - Matthew Adams Outerspace Design - David Menzies Who should attend? To kick off our educational series, this masterclass will give an overview of the full product development process and is suitable for: Hardware innovators at any stage in their journey, but especially those who are entering into the “Design It”, “Produce It” phase Entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, makers, accelerator managers, students who are interested in learning more about the hardware product development process. No prior knowledge assumed.

  • Tue 22 Oct, 05:30 pm
  • TBC
  • Western BACE

Zen In Digital Marketing

See the actual strategies that drive the Australia's top brands. Hosted at Zen.Academy headquarters, your host Ajay breaks down the secrets of digital marketing in small digestive chunks. This introductory workshop explores career opportunities in the world of digital. In this 2 hours workshop, you will learn - What makes for a successful digital marketer ? - How to analyse any business and their competitors ? - How to set proper objectives & KPI for any marketing campaigns ? - How to measure a return on investment from marketing campaign ? - How to approach digital marketing as a career path ? Pathways - What skill sets do employers looks for when looking for digital marketing personnel ? - How you can get started in the world of digital ? - Various career pathways in digital marketing Bonus - Come in to meet representatives from one of Australia's well respected digital agency Weboptimizers and network for career opportunities. Hurry ! Spots are limited.


Orbit is an innovation sprint that gives you a one-week deep dive into the incredible innovation and startup community in Melbourne. As one of the fastest growing global startup ecosystems, Melbourne is known worldwide for inclusivity and creativity. Orbit is perfect for you if you’re a uni student looking to supercharge your career prospects, a professional or corporate innovator who’s thirsty for new skills and inspiration or a side-hustler that needs fresh ideas to push your hustle to the next level. Throughout the week-long program you will be taken to visit some of the biggest leading tech giants, expand your network and join a global network of next-generation entrepreneurs. You will have the opportunity to learn how to come up with scalable ideas, grow your idea into a profitable startup, build your own pitch deck and perfect your pitching skills. The program is designed so that you directly learn from some of the best founders, leaders and investors. You will receive 1:1 mentoring sessions throughout the program to help you develop and grow.

Robotics Holiday Program

AeroboticsGlobal prepare students for the future of study and work through quality robotics education and hands-on experience with real robots. Our Holiday Program focuses on the fundamentals of robotics and coding where they will build their robot from start to finish. For Details

Masterclass: Improve the impact of your marketing with customer personas

Understanding your customers is pivotal in ensuring your marketing efforts are focused and effective. Knowing who your customers are, what they need and when they need it are insights that will help drive product design, brand messaging, content marketing and more. This masterclass is designed to help you achieve stronger impact in your marketing and identify areas where you can maximise the lifetime value of your customer through the use of customer personas and journey mapping. What is Skalata Ventures? Skalata Ventures is a fully-integrated seed investment program designed to help early-stage companies prepare to scale and grow into significant and sustainable businesses. Our vision is to see Australia transform to a knowledge economy. We advance remarkable founders by bringing together business leaders, universities, corporations and investors to create the companies of the future. The masterclass: Co-hosted with Swinburne University this masterclass will cover key areas of customer persona development and customer journey frameworks that can be implemented for B2C and B2B businesses. Do you have a specific question about customer personas or customer journeys? Share your question with us in the ticket order form and we'll do our best to include it in the session. This is the second masterclass of a three-part series by Skalata Ventures. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to hear future events.

Social Media Optimisation - 5 Strategy tips to follow

Struggling to make time for your startups Social Media Strategy? Social media marketing is all about Optimising your strategy as a startup founder or business owner it's often hard to prioritise this amongst the million things you’re juggling. Re-think what you’re doing, because digital marketing is one of the most essential ways to drive new business and communicate to your customer value proposition, if done right it can drum up a burst of activity. Social Media Optimisation is strategically creating, building and maximising your social media plan to connect with your target audiences, allowing you to strengthen your brand, generate leads, get more visibility and much more! This workshop will focus on five strategy tips to follow when setting up your strategy and social media management tools such as Hootsuite, to help you manage and optimise posts. In this workshop you will learn: - How to setup your strategy in five steps - Create effective and shareable content and best practices for key social media platforms - Learn how to improve your strategy based on what works best for each platform - Understand best practices for maximising engagement - Learn how to use tools to measure ROI. Requirements: - Laptop - Existing business social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.) - Notepad a pen to take notes *Our workshops are for doers. People who want more than just the overview and the buzzwords. All our workshops in the next 12 months will be deep dives on aspects of being in business our community has told us things that have been causing them pain and include practical use cases and tips on the subject. The goal is to leave each workshop with a working knowledge and proficiency in the subject presented. The beginning of each workshop will be the theory behind the specific topic. The rest will be interactive hands-on workshop.

Robotics and Programming workshop for children

ASG has partnered with Aerobotics Global (ABG) to create a fun and interactive Robotics and Programming workshop for children. In this session, your child will have the opportunity to learn more about robotics and coding through Aerobotics Global's highly qualified tutors and interactive STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) kits. ABG's Robotics and Programming session's outcomes: Students Gain Coding Skills Basic and Advanced Robotics Build Confidence Enhance Real Life Problem Solving Skills We have 2 time slots available for different age groups. Please register your child/children only for the appropriate slot. You do not need to register the accompanying parents. 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM - Robotics & Coding Workshop - Ages 4-7 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM - Robotics & Coding Workshop - Ages 8-11 Please note that registrations will start 15 mins before the events. ASG’s consultants will also be available to discuss with you the importance of being prepared for the trends in education and how to equip you and your family to thrive in tomorrow's world.

Robotics - July Holiday Program

AeroboticsGlobal invites students of Grade 1 to Grade 8 for the Soccer Robot Holiday Program @Hampton @Reservoir, @Seabrook @Burwood . Early Bird Offer of 10% discount until May 31. VENUE Bennettswood Neighbourhood House LOCATION 7, Greenwood St, Burwood VIC 3125 DATE 1st-2nd July VENUE Keon Park Childrens Hub LOCATION 1-7 Dole Ave, Reservoir VIC 3073 DATE 8thJuly-9thJuly VENUE Castlefield Community Centre LOCATION 505 Bluff Rd, Hampton VIC 3188 DATE 8thJuly-9thJuly VENUE SeaBrook Community Centre LOCATION 15 Truganina Ave, Seabrook VIC 3028 DATE 10th-11thJuly For Further Details

Building a Business your customers Love

Currently business owners, leaders and decision makers focus majority of their marketing energy on implementing tactics. However, the key to building a brand that your customers will love you need to understand your vision, your market position and your target customers. Once you understand all three you can then create a brand that will resonate with the right people and make them feel you are talking to them. Marketing isn't about 'Business to Business' or 'Business to Consumer' it's about 'Human to Human'. Join Phil Ore, co-founder of Marketing Entourage, for this interactive session to help you build a brand that your customers will love. Phil will explain the steps to ensure that your brand will connect and engage with your customers. If you’re a business leaders, decision makers, marketing and sales managers who are looking grow their business. The businesses could range from early stage startups looking to grow to the next level through to established large companies looking for ways to transform and innovate to enable growth. What you will leave with; In this seminar participants will gain a greater understanding of what you need to do to create a brand your customers will love. You will understand what you need to consider for your own vision, market position and target customer. This will be an interactive session, we're aren't going to just talk to you - we will get your brains working so that you can go away and build on this with your own teams.


Aerobotics Global is a robotics education and learning centre in Melbourne which provides advanced robotics and programming courses in Melbourne. With an aim to lead the way in coding for robotics education, we deliver the highest quality learning experience to our clients. We offer a wide range of robotics courses and education programs, including summer courses, workshops, after school programs, holiday programs in Melbourne, programming and coding courses and more to students and teachers. AfterSchoolProgram-HawthornEast May 2 - 28th June 3:45PM - 4:45PM Every Thursday $29/week For Further Details

Digital Marketing: Brand Workshop with Cofounder Vinomofo

In this one-day brand intensive, you’ll learn how Andre Eikmeier (Cofounder) and his team developed the Vinomofo brand and community. You’ll workshop your brand in a small group and create the foundation of a brand strategy that’ll unite your tribe of customers, create a sense of belonging, get people sharing and referring your products and build a defensible business for the long-term. Course outcomes - Hone in on and articulate your brand’s purpose. You’ll workshop this with Andre and develop a strong foundation for your brand. - Define your tribe: who do your stand for and why you are relevant to them?Who don’t you stand for? - Understand what drives people to follow a brand. Design a strategy to unite your tribe and create a sense of belonging that generates sustainable growth. - Define how people should feel when they interact with your brand and how to bring this to life across your product, customer experience, design, voice, content and marketing material. - Develop a framework to use to implement your updated brand across your organisation, have brand filter everything your company does and continue to rally customers and team members over time.

Braneshop 3-Day Deep Learning Workshop

Venture into AI and deep learning with this three-day workshop. You will be taken from the mathematical and theoretical foundations, to building models and neural networks in TensorFlow. The second day will be dedicated to gaining a hands-on understanding of TensorFlow, and the third day will be centered around group projects.

  • Mon 25 Feb, 9am
  • CBD
  • Noon van der Silk

MelbDjango Girls - March On!

MelbDjango Girls - March On! coding workshop is your opportunity to learn how to code in a supportive environment - new year, new you, new skills! Applications are now open for MelbDjango Girls, a female-focused beginners coding workshop in Django/Python!! The day has two levels, beginners, where you learn from scratch and intermediate, where we welcome back past DjangoGirls who have completed the initial tutorial. Apply today!

How to Launch you Dream Product?

If you ever had a dream idea about a physical product and wondered how to bring it to the market, don't miss this event. This is a quick look at the whole process of new product development. The aim of this event is to provide a brief introduction about the process and the main steps along the line which you can follow later in other Dream Talks events. This event is where we can learn, share, network about your dream product.

Lunch and Learn with FAB9

FAB9 is a makerspace, that empowers inventors. The space has been purpose-built so makers can access the training, tools and prototyping equipment needed to turn ideas into physical realities. FAB9 is made up of five labs under one roof, including a Timber shop, a Digital Fabrication lab, a CNC lab, an Electronics lab and a Metal shop. Whether you’re a hardware entrepreneur or industrial designer creating the next world-changing product, an amateur tinkerer working on a dream DIY project, or just someone who wants to experiment with different materials and processes, FAB9 is open to you for a monthly membership fee. Located in Footscray, FAB9 is scheduled to open to the public in February 2019. In this lunch and learn session, meet the FAB9 team who will explain What is a makerspace? What kind of machines, equipment and tools will the FAB makerspace have and and what can you make with those tools? What is prototyping and how can iterative prototyping benefit your product development process? How can FAB9 help you develop your prototype? How does membership work and how can you gain access to FAB9?'

Innovation Management Systems

An organization is only as healthy as the people who make it tick! Did you know the annual cost of stress-related presenteeism and absenteeism is $15Billion? Whether you’re a start-up or a Fortune 500, your organization’s ability to innovate and compete productively on the world stage is threatened by quantitative measurements that know lots about numbers and nothing about people! This 3 hour fast-paced workshop is designed for C-suites, directors and individuals who run a high-growth innovation initiative! Through a series of activities and discussions, you’ll learn to:

  • Benchmark your company’s innovation capabilities, strengths and weaknesses against 1000+ companies
  • Receive customized strategy to unlock growth and impact on for the next three months
  • Map hidden opportunities to appeal to younger WOKE generation of intrapreneurs within your organization and light a fire of innovation in your organization
Overall, you will leave with a clear understanding of results you can achieve Innovation Management Systems and a holistic view of your organisation's current state and new perspectives through facilitated round table discussions with peers covering strategy, process, culture, governance, metrics and organisation for innovation. A well-balanced dish needs a variety of ingredients. And Innovation influences ALL of them. Learn alongside like-minded professionals in similar situation and take away proven, practical and innovative management solutions that you can implement in your firm.  
Who is the workshop for? This workshop is most beneficial for: Someone who wishes to understand more about corporate innovation, how to assess and improve it. Ideally you are: C-suite, Board of Director, Investor, Corporate Innovator, Innovation Program Manager, Business Improvement Manager, Organisational Change Manager, Consultants, etc. We welcome anyone passionate about innovation and looking for means to accelerate innovation in their organisation.   How can I contact the organiser with any questions? Still have doubts? Visit us on and connect with us on to satisfy any queries you may have and we’ll prove how we would be the best partner for your innovation journey!   “INNOSURVEY, IDEATION360, INNOVATION360 GROUP & THE GRAPHIC SYMBOL (003165554-0001)” WHEEL OF INNOVATION” ARE TRADEMARKS AND/OR COPYRIGHTS OF THE INNOVATION360. ©2016 THE INNOVATION360. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Raise Capital on Your Terms with Rebekah Campbell, Cofounder Hey You and Zambesi

An intense, focused one-day capital raising course designed to give you the best chance possible of successfully raising capital. You’ll have an initial hit-list of at least ten appropriate investor contacts and be clear how to approach them, what to ask for, and why they should say yes. Outcomes: - Develop a plan to identify and approach investors appropriate for your business and stage. - Understand how to value your business, build a cap table and develop a financial model in line with market expectations. - Build a credible pitch appropriate for your target investor group. - Understand the terms your target group of investors are likely to ask for and why. Comprehend the long term implications of each provision and be positioned to negotiate with confidence. - Develop the ability to create deal momentum to strengthen your negotiating position and successfully close your investment.

Persuasive Communication

The ability to persuade is critical to professional success. This one-day intensive is designed to turn you into an expert communicator who can win new business, attract capital, or get a promotion. You’ll learn techniques to engage and persuade an audience and deliver clear, authentic and powerful presentations. You’ll get personal coaching and feedback from the founder of TEDxMelbourne and the skills you’ll develop will impact your one-one-one conversations and your ability to command a public forum. You will learn to build rapport and get your message across – even when the information is complex or people are distracted. Outcomes: - Understand how to structure a face-to-face pitch and a keynote presentation that is clear and compelling. Apply a flexible preparation model to create talks for different audiences and occasions. - Learn to craft your message and use storytelling techniques to hook an audience and make a point. - Learn to build rapport in meetings and when presenting to large groups. - Practice delivering with power and authenticity to engage and audience and ensure your message cuts through. Get personal feedback and coaching on your public speaking style. - Learn to manage difficult conversations and hostile audiences. Develop the ability to win people over without compromising your objective.

How to Build a Powerful Personal Brand

Personal brand is central to professional success. This workshop provides you with tools to turn your passions and knowledge into authentic thought leadership. You’ll learn how to build and leverage your profile to amplify and support the growth of your organisation, attract new business and further your career. Outcomes: - Identify clear personal and promotional objectives and map out a plan that will achieve those goals. - Understand what makes great content. Identify your signature topic, develop your voice and learn how to establish yourself as a thought leader. - Create and/or edit an ideal professional bio for use across all your personal brand endeavours. - Set-up and leverage online networks that are relevant to you including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Medium to amplify your message. You will leave this workshop with everything in place and a road map for maintaining a powerful social presence - Learn how to attract and deliver relevant speaking engagements. - Understand how media works and how to position yourself as a go to person for journalists. - Understand how to leverage your personal brand to support your professional career objectives. - Learn how to protect your personal and professional reputation online and navigate the social landscape without compromising your professional or your personal identity

How to Grow Like Canva

Growth is the lifeblood of every company and Andre Pinantoan is widely considered Australia’s top growth marketer. He developed and led strategies to grow Canva to more than 10 million active, monthly users and has consulted to other high-flying successes such as Tyro and Spaceship. Every business is unique and every growth strategy is different. In this one-day, small-group growth marketing course, you will learn from the best and work with Andrianes to develop sustainable repeatable strategies to grow your business. Outcomes: - Learn how to leverage SEO and content marketing to grow quickly - A high-performing on-boarding channel to activate your new customers. You'll learn to use customer reach and data to find your 'aha' moment and identify where and why customers drop off. - A plan to increase your customer retention metrics using CRM to segment user messages. - An understanding of the strategy behind customer referrals and develop tactics to increase the viral coefficient of your business.

Brilliant Digital Marketing

Learn digital marketing techniques to grow your business fast at low cost. This condensed workshop is an opportunity to develop your digital marketing strategy with one of Australia’s most successful marketers. Leave knowing how to leverage all the available channels and a with plan you can implement immediately. Outcomes: - An understanding of different social channels, which are rightfor your business and learn techniques to measure the impact of social campaigns - An understanding of how to create a measurement framework to optimise the success of all your digital marketing activities. - The ability to setup a data marketing strategy which can capture and utilise customer data to create more meaningful customer experiences, and to utilise that data to create ongoing leads & sales at a low cost. - How to nurture your customers in an integrated way across a range of digital channels - How to develop a compelling user experience - The ability to use marketing techniques such as SEO, SEM, display, and remarketing to attract new customers. - A deep understanding of who your customers are and how to optimise your online experience to increase your conversion and response rates - How to use videos, blogs and social content to acquire and retain customers

Fastrack your business with Government Grants!

Discover the latest Government Grant opportunities and eligibility criteria. Victorian and Federal governments are keen to support early stage and innovative businesses. Cut through the red tape and see what you should apply for and how to write winning applications. Find out from Treadstone what grants are available and how to fastrack your business without giving away equity.

  • Mon 10 Dec, 5:30pm
  • CoWork Me
  • Melbourne Silicon Beach

Create a great design brief

Creating a lasting impact on your clients starts with the design process! The creation of a brand, product design, packaging, collateral and marketing campaigns are no longer for the faint hearted. A strong brand is intrinsic to business success and getting it right relies on great comms and working relationships with your design team. So how do we learn the language of designers and communicate our startup vision to our designers for sharing with the world? Working with designers is complex when you don't know where to start. They want your vision communicated to them in a certain way, to understand your style, and what you want to achieve. To kick-off the event, Mo Hamdouna from Mo Works will take you through the full design process, introducing the Mo Works tool for creating a great brief and the essential elements required before working with a creative team. Mo will be available after the presentation to chat directly. The discussion will be moderated by local Footscray creative Liana Lucca-Pope from Hello Idea, who will also be available to answer questions. This event series is supported by LaunchVic and Maribyrnong City Council. Co-Connected is a program connecting startups in the West. This is the 4th event in a series that is held fortnightly until mid-2019. The series will be taking a break over Christmas and January!

Letting Go For Growth

Who’s looking for a co-founder? They’re most likely sitting in a different place than the one you’re in now. What are you looking for in a co-founder? Lightning presentations from success going solo. Lightning presentation from success with a co-founder. Four rounds of matching up with people who meet your predetermined criteria. Join us at the "Letting Go For Growth" event to help you in the right direction to who could be a good potential partner in business! Coming to this event will answer your unsure questions and will expand your understanding about what all it takes introducing a co-founder. You will also leave this event feeling confident in finding the right co-founder for you! Have you got some valuable advice you can contribute to the session? Would you like to join our panel? We would love to hear from you! Please express your interest to

  • Thu 8 Nov, 5.30pm
  • Academy Xi
  • Catapult Business Accelerator

Your Public Appearance - Pitch Perfect

Do you have a strong personal brand? Would you be memorable in a world where we are bombarded with marketing messages? What does personal branding really mean? Monica Rosenfeld, X A Current Affair Producer, entreprenuer and founder of Wordstorm PR has spent 20 years critiquing public image and the behaviours from an individual and business perspective. Join us for an immersive workshop with Monica in which we will show you the 3 step formula to creating a personal brand that is both authentic and effective in order to attract more leads and close more sales. You will also learn how to use your personal brand to market yourself effectively, whether it’s in person at a networking event, through digital marketing or mass media exposure. Limited tickets are available, be fast to secure your spot.

Interpersonal skills How to: diversity, connection and innovation in your business

How to create diversity? Is company culture defined by your pingpong table? Where is the balance between being nice and getting stuff done? What about female inclusion? Or male? What actually creates true diversity that is appropriate for your business so it moves ahead with high speed? Being in business requires a range of people skills that we did not learn at school. You are dealing with customers, suppliers, contractors, team members, shareholders. Learn how to create a communications universe where you tell everybody exactly what they need to know, but still based around just one basic reality; what you do and who you are.

Marketing: What Really Works

Creating a unique value proposition for your startup or early stage business isn't easy. How do you make sense of it all and make your marketing universe truly work for you? Marketing is complex with a ton of moving parts that all impact each other in a constant dance. What can you do yourself, what to outsource and when do you need to hire people? In the workshop we run through a proven 10–step formula that creates a tailored marketing plan specific to your business. The presentation is peppered with a lot of examples of what works in 2018, and there will be ample time to ask questions of the presenter.

Ten steps to marketing success - free workshop for startups - Geelong

Thanks to funding from the LaunchVic founder education round, the Marketing Entourage team will be running free marketing workshops across Victoria during September, including Geelong. These events are introductory workshops for the upcoming marketing education program - available as a free resource to all startups based in Victoria. Startups are welcome to join any event. Samantha Hurley, co-founder of Marketing Entourage, explains 'The marketing education program has been developed to help founders learn the essential components of marketing a startup. The outcome will be that every startup will create a marketing strategy specific to their business. The workshops are the first step in providing founders with marketing tools to build effective strategies to successfully go to to market, stimulate growth, attract investment, scale or expand globally.'

Ten steps to marketing success - free workshop for startups - Bendigo

Thanks to funding from the LaunchVic founder education round, the Marketing Entourage team will be running free marketing workshops across Victoria during September, including Bendigo. These events are introductory workshops for the upcoming marketing education program - available as a free resource to all startups based in Victoria. Startups are welcome to join any event. Samantha Hurley, co-founder of Marketing Entourage, explains 'The marketing education program has been developed to help founders learn the essential components of marketing a startup. The outcome will be that every startup will create a marketing strategy specific to their business. The workshops are the first step in providing founders with marketing tools to build effective strategies to successfully go to to market, stimulate growth, attract investment, scale or expand globally.'

Ten steps to marketing success - free workshop for startups - Ballarat

Thanks to funding from the LaunchVic founder education round, the Marketing Entourage team will be running free marketing workshops across Victoria during September, including Ballarat. These events are introductory workshops for the upcoming marketing education program - available as a free resource to all startups based in Victoria. Startups are welcome to join any event. Samantha Hurley, co-founder of Marketing Entourage, explains 'The marketing education program has been developed to help founders learn the essential components of marketing a startup. The outcome will be that every startup will create a marketing strategy specific to their business. The workshops are the first step in providing founders with marketing tools to build effective strategies to successfully go to to market, stimulate growth, attract investment, scale or expand globally.'

Starting your business: How to turn an idea into a business

There are no guarantees in business, but often it’s what you do before you get started that will ensure those vital first steps are on the right path for the best chance of success. So, take the guesswork out of your next steps and get ready and fully prepared to get your business off to the right start at this practical three and a half-hour workshop led by an experienced small business operator with real-life know-how and lots of insight to share. Find out how to plan, prepare and test your business idea, step by step, in a small group setting that will equip you to make informed decisions about what you need to do next to minimise the risks and make the most of the opportunities that lie ahead. Come away armed with practical tools and templates, expert tips and advice, and a head start on where to access the right support in future. Includes a free follow-up one-on-one mentoring session with an experienced small business mentor who will tailor advice and information for your individual circumstances. Get ready to take your business from idea to reality and onwards to success at this essential Small Business Victoria workshop, one of many that have helped businesses get started in Victoria for more than 10 years. Learn how to: • Test your idea, product or service • Assess your business readiness and next steps to fill any gaps • Analyse your market • Decide the business structure that’s right for you • Understand and manage your business risks and opportunities • Prepare a business plan • Complete all the steps to register and set up your business • Access ongoing advice and support to help your business grow • Receive a free one-on-one mentoring session with an experienced small business mentor.

Tequila & Tech: A Fireside Chat with Bismarck Lepe

Startup Victoria hosts Bismarck Lepe, Founder and CEO of Wizeline

Wizeline and Startup Victoria are bringing the best of Silicon Valley and Mexico to Australia with Tequila & Tech: A Fireside Chat with Bismarck Lepe. The son of two immigrants from a small town in Jalisco, Mexico, Bismarck left a successful career path as an early employee at Google to start his own online video platform company, Ooyala, which he sold for $400M to Telstra in 2014. In 2014 he founded Wizeline, a global product development company that helps startups and Fortune 500 companies solve their biggest challenges with design and technology. Wizeline works with technology leaders to build innovative end-to-end products, and Bismarck has led the company to more than $62M in funding, with offices in four countries and more than 10 million users. Passionate about driving economic growth in global communities through investment in education and technology infrastructure, Bismarck is credited for contributing to the transformation of Guadalajara into Mexico’s largest technology hub. He has also created more than 1,500 jobs and attracted hundreds of millions of dollars in investments for companies with operations in Mexico and Silicon Valley, through Wizeline and his various education and investment initiatives. The fireside chat will be moderated by Anna Reeves of That Startup Show with food by The Taco Truck - providing a taste of Mexico for the evening.
Bismarck Lepe - Founder and CEO of Wizeline Bismarck Lepe, founder and CEO of Wizeline, is a seasoned Silicon Valley entrepreneur and investor. He is passionate about driving economic growth in the global communities where Wizeline has operations through investment in education and development of technology infrastructure. Bismarck is the founder and chairman of StartupGDL, a non-profit with the goal of increasing the number of technology companies in Guadalajara, Mexico. The non-profit focuses on computer science education programs for high school students and economic development initiatives to drive the creation of Mexican subsidiary of Silicon Valley startups in the region. StartupGDL has a soft landing program that helps companies find office space, get incorporated and attract/hire talent. Anna Reeves - CEO of That Startup Show Anna is a former in-house counsel and business affairs/brand manager who has worked for Australia’s leading media production houses including CordellJigsawZapruder, XYZ Films/Foxtel, and Renegade. As the senior advisor at Film Victoria, she advised on large-scale productions such as Irresistible, Ghost Rider, Macbeth, and Noise. She has advised for and founded several not for profit & social enterprise initiatives, such as Stand in My Shoes, focused on empathy education and Strategic Partners, an international co-production program. In 2011, she was the US Campaign Director for a high profile worldwide anti-poverty campaign with Hugh Jackman. Returning to Australia she created That Start Up Show, a Melbourne based web-series focused on start up culture in Australia, and founded the Start Up Legal Clinic which operates out of Australia’s premier co-working space Hub Melbourne.
Photos and video may be taken at the event and may be used for promotional purposes. Your attendance at this event is considered as implied consent for the use of these photographs for these purposes. All attendees to Startup Victoria's event must comply to our Startup Victoria Events Code of Conduct.

Above All Human

Above All Human is a technology and innovation conference about driving change and solving big challenges. We bring together all kinds of people for a day of insights and innovation from the world’s most pioneering minds. The spirit of Above All Human is, at its core, about technology and science in the service of humanity: we are curious about opportunities, mindful of values and driven by a desire to effect change in our lifetimes. We don’t talk about tech for tech’s sake. We don’t trade off current buzzwords or trends. We foster expansive thinking and new ideas, big and small. We carefully curate the experience of above all human to be as impactful as possible; we want you to be energised, inspired, dig in and get nerdy (we come from tech roots, after all) and maybe come away with an idea to solve a problem that hasn’t been solved yet.

Fireside Chat: Health Tech

The health tech industry is one of the fastest growing tech industries due to one simple reason: necessity. The industry has had to develop at a considerably faster rate than other industries due to growing population rates and a history of unreceptiveness towards technological advancement. This of course implies opportunity. There are a huge amount of sub-sectors that fall under health - hospitals, practitioners, insurance, consumer-facing, pharmaceuticals - and this means there are ample opportunities for disruption, innovation and reflection. Join us on June 14th for a Fireside Chat where we will be discussing the opportunities and challenges present within the health tech industry.

  • Thu 14 Jun, 6:00pm
  • WeWork
  • Startup Victoria

Fireside Chat: Automotive Tech

As the world has become smaller and more connected, consumers are demanding more from their cars and transportation options. Amid this changing landscape, what are the opportunities for the automotive industry in Australia, and what are the challenges? Are autonomous, connected, electric vehicles nearly a mass-market reality, or do we have a fair way to go? Can Australia still compete in the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) space, or should we focus more of our efforts on the aftermarket sector? And as demand for technological advancement in the industry increases, where can Australian startups add value?

In partnership with GUD, Startup Victoria is pleased to present a Fireside Chat with professionals from the automotive industry who will answer these questions and more. Join us as Amy Frangos from GUD, Todd Essery from Telstra, Alastair Hampton from RYCO Group, and Kathleen Lawler from Mercedes Benz come together to discuss the automotive industry and its future in Australia.

Fireside Chat: The Future of Work

What do the gig economy, co-working spaces and evolving organisational structures all have in common? They are shaping and defining the future of work. Changes in culture, advancements in technology, and wider economic effects are not only changing how we work, but where we work, how we are paid, and perhaps most importantly, the jobs actually being carried out.

Startup Victoria is pleased to present a Fireside Chat with professionals currently involved in the changing world of work. Weploy’s Tony Wu, WeWork’s Jamie Dawson, Hall & Wilcox’s Joni Pirovich and RMIT's Julian Waters-Lynch will come together to discuss the ways in which technology and innovation are influencing the future of work. The conversation will be moderated by Spacely's executive manager, Georgia Beattie.

  • Wed 11 Apr, 6:00pm
  • WeWork
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How To Build a Community Around Your Business

You will pick nuggets of knowledge on how to do this through our invigorating workshop where you will learn some techniques, tools and ideas that will help you create your own circle of customers and strengthen the customer relations side of your business.