Startup Success Series: Safeguarding Your Startup Idea

So you’re finally ready to launch that startup idea you’ve been working on for months (or even years). Your product or service is ready to become the next Culture Amp, Who Gives A Crap or Linktree, but you’re worried about sharing your great idea. How do you protect your startup from other startups or big companies developing their own version?

There are a number of legal devices that can protect you, but it can be an expensive maze of legal jargon and application forms. Copyrighting, patenting, trademarking – these are all methods of protecting your intellectual property, but which one is right for you (if any!)?

If the legal bits and bobs weren’t enough to wrap your head around, there’s also the cultural do’s and don’ts and practicalities to consider.

So in this week’s edition of the Startup Success Series we’ll be discussing it all! We have a panel of experts including a lawyer, investor & experienced founder ready to share their wisdom and advise you on when it’s appropriate to safeguard your idea and how to go about it.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • The different types of legal protection for your idea
  • Which legal protection is right for your startup
  • How to pitch your startup – what you should & shouldn’t give away
  • Much more!