Startup Success Series: Pre-Revenue Startup Valuation

There has been a lot of discussion amongst the Startup Vic founder community in recent weeks about how to properly value a pre-revenue startup. Investment can be difficult to come by as we continue to adjust and get used to the ‘new normal’. Having a strong and accurate pre-revenue value estimate is more important than ever.

A pre-revenue valuation can be more of a negotiation art than science, particularly in the earlier stage of a startup’s existence where so much has to be estimated to come to a figure. Founders typically want a high valuation while investors want a low one to increase their potential return on investment, and finding the right estimate between the two is a crucial part of any startup journey.

That’s why for this edition of the Startup Success Series, we’ve invited expert panelists to discuss startup valuation and answer your questions on the topic.

Specifically, we’ll aim to cover:

  • What is a valuation, really?
  • Why it’s important
  • How to value your startup
  • Traps to avoid and practical tips

The session will be run as a virtual fireside chat with expert panellists Jackie Vullinghs, Investment Manager at AirTree and Dominic Dirupo, Principal at Alphastation Communications. The discussion will be moderated by Startup Victoria CEO, Judy Anderson.

There will be time allocated for participant Q&A and resources will be shared on the Startup Victoria website after the event.

The first 100 tickets are free of charge.