Startup Summit

Jump into the world of startups and find out how to set your new venture (and yourself) up for success.

The Startup Summit provides early-stage startups and aspiring entrepreneurs with fundamental knowledge to set you up for success. Learn about your investment and funding options, self-management strategies, how to recruit great talent for your business, and how to work out where your product fits in the market.

Sessions include:

10am to 10.10am – Welcome address

Navigating the startup ecosystem can be challenging for first time founders. In her welcome address, Startup Victoria CEO Judy Anderson will provide clarity on the key pillars of the startup community and some tips for where to find support for your startup.

Speaker: Judy Anderson, CEO at Startup Victoria

10.10am to 11am Decoding product-market fit

This session will cover the fundamentals of product-market fit and what it really means for your business. The aim is to provide founders with the tools and frameworks required to systematically measure and obtain it.

Speakers: Maxine Lee, COO at Skalata Ventures and Dan Sleeman, Head of Product and Education at RMIT Activator

11.05am to midday – Investment 101

Have you ever wondered what makes a startup investable? What investors are truly looking for? What do good terms look like? Join industry experts, LUNA and a startup investor for all the answers in this 101 on startup capital raising. You can expect to walk away from this talk with an understanding of types of common startup funding rounds, cap tables and dilution.

Speaker: Ronen Heine, Founder & CEO at Luna Startup Studio

Midday to 1pm – Summit Connect

Forge valuable connections with your Startup Summit peers! Join us over lunch for Summit Connect, a structured speed networking event. Summit Connect allows you to make meaningful connections with others Summit attendees. Join us and get fresh ideas, feedback on your startup idea or maybe even find a co-founder.

Speaker: Poppy Trewhella, Director of Programs and Partnerships at Startup Victoria

1pm to 2pm – Building a successful startup team

When launching or building a successful startup, one of your most important assets will be your team. This session will answer important questions around the different methods of hiring, the roles you need to prioritise, how to assess talent (and yourself!), and how to look at remuneration structures to attract the best possible humans to go on the ride with you.

Speaker: Matt Smith, Managing Partner at MitchelLake Group

2.05pm to 2.15pm – Pause Point, powered

Join A–SPACE founder Manoj Dias for a mindful moment of calm. We’ll explore some breathing techniques that will help us recenter our day.

Speaker: Manoj Dias, Founder & CEO at A – Space
Brought to the Startup Summit in partnership with TheCommons.

2.15pm to 3.05pm – Self-management and founder wellbeing

Success doesn’t come without its challenges. Burnout and mental health issues are increasing side-effects in the startup space. In this fireside chat, Alex will share his personal journey co-founding one of Australia’s fastest-growing startups, discussing mental health, energy management and how to change the tide on a culture of overwork and burnout.

Speakers: Alex Zaccaria, Co-Founder & CEO at Linktree and Jane Martino, Co-Founder of Smiling Mind

3.05pm to 3.15pm – Closing address

To close the Startup Summit, Judy Anderson, CEO of Startup Victoria will provide guidance for how to engage in the startup community beyond the Summit. We will also share instructions for how to access support resources from each of the sessions delivered in the Startup Summit.

Speaker: Judy Anderson, CEO at Startup Victoria

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All attendees will be emailed Zoom details to join these Startup Summit sessions in the lead up to this event.

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