Startup Success Series: The Story of inkl

During the last 10 editions of the Startup Success Series, we have sat down with experts from all corners of the ecosystem to discuss topics like cash-flow, mental health, investment and more (you can re-watch all editions here). What we haven’t yet done is speak to a founder specifically about their journey – the highs and lows; the strategies used and the lessons learned from inception to execution.

That’s why for this edition of the Startup Success Series, we’re sitting down with Gautum Mishra, CEO and founder of Inkl to discuss his founder journey and everything he has learnt in the last 6 years. Inkl is a news subscription service that aims to be the ‘Spotify for news’, providing an ad-free, trustworthy source for your information from over 100 sources around the world.

Specifically, we’ll aim to cover:

  • inkl’s journey
  • Developing founder resilience and self-belief
  • Getting to know your customer through experimentation
  • Building a purpose-based culture


The session will be run as a virtual fireside chat between Gautum Mishra and Startup Victoria Director of Programs and Partnerships Poppy Trewhella. There will be time allocated for participant Q&A and resources will be shared on the Startup Victoria website after the event.

The first 100 tickets are free of charge.