What you need to know about CX: Workshop with Tom Uhlhorn

Why do AirBnB, Tesla, Aesop, ALDI, and Zappos all enjoy clear differentiation in their respective markets? Is it due to slick promotions and branding, superior product, or something else?

In the age of Growth Hacking and disruptive marketing, there is a common strand that connects successful new players from one-hit-wonders: Customer Experience (CX).

Tom Uhlhorn, a specialist in CX, will take you through two hours of CX theory to help you understand and adopt a CX mindset to your own commercial, non-profit, and/or government ventures.

Takeaways include:
⚡️An introduction to CX, including the use of current case studies to demonstrate where CX is being used in the marketplace to leverage competitive advantage;
⚡️A step-by-step introduction to a CX framework that you can use to analyse your own venture/employment;
⚡️A guided walk-through of how to apply a CX framework to inform strategy, marketing, product, employment, and financial planning decisions

Tom Uhlhorn is the founder of Tiny CX