iHarvest Masterclass#20 – DIY Public Relations for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, you’ll need to know when to develop and engage Public Relations to take your business to the next level. Timely news exposure can really propel your business into the minds of consumers, enabling you to break into saturated markets and stand out.

Present yourself to journalists with a great pitch and an effective press release. Create an effective campaign by learning about the news, news values and the inverted pyramid. When you show journalists and news publications your understanding of PR and present them with a great press release you simply cannot go wrong!

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In this session you will learn about; the inverted pyramid, news values, how to target media, pitching and possible story angles.

Here is a sample of the topics we will discuss:
– What is news? How does a story make it into the newspaper, online media or magazine?
– How to identify your audience and appropriate media contacts
– How to write a media release
– How to write a pitch and follow it up

This workshop is for entrepreneurs who want to:
– Gain the knowledge to develop their own PR campaigns
– Promote themselves and their businesses’ through the media
– Gain knowledge about the public relations and understand the basics of how news works
– Register for this masterclass to learn how to effectively undertake PR for your startup.


Miriam Deliva is a experienced communicator with a background in Executive Support, Event Management and PR and over 8 years’ experience, Miriam has worked in different roles including communications, banking and finance, agency positions supporting food, fashion and technology clients. She has helped small businesses reach traditional, print and online media and genuinely wants to see small businesses and local communities thrive. Miriam is currently working on a new start up, the Press Run which will focus more a holistic approach to DIY PR by creating media releases and media training clients to excel in front of an audience.

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