Startup Success Series: How Do You Do Great Customer Discovery?

Every startup’s first major challenge is finding their initial customers and reaching out to find your audience can be a daunting prospect. How do you spread the word and find your ideal clients?

Defining your customers, conducting research into their habits and setting a communications strategy that conveys the value of your offering with no prior revenue generation is all part of the process of going from ‘no-one knows us’ to your first 100 customers. But once you’re there, you have even more to think about. Dividing your audience into segments and understanding which segments are the most profitable on your way to defining your ideal customer profile will also play into every aspect of your startup and the service/product it offers.

That’s why for this edition of the Startup Success Series, we’ll provide advice for first-time founders and early-stage startups on customer discovery strategies, research tips and techniques and how to gain insights from your existing customer base. We’ll be welcoming an expert panel with lived experience in validating great startup ideas.

Specifically, we’ll aim to cover:

  • Practical education on understanding customer desires.
  • How to define your customers.
  • Conducting research and using insights in a meaningful way.
  • Plus more!


The session will be run as a virtual fireside chat. There will be time allocated for participant Q&A and resources will be shared on the Startup Victoria website after the event.