Navigating ‘Covid Normal’ Online Summit

Part 2 of the Hume City Council Online Modern Business Program dedicated to local business resilience and optimism. This uncertain and challenging time has forced businesses to reevaluate, innovate, adjust and become resilient. This online summit is a forum for the Hume local business community to come together to share experiences, learn together and be inspired to keep moving forward as we navigate the path into what will become Covid normal. With a focus on the business disruption of Covid and looking forward into the future, start-up or small to medium business owners in the Hume region will learn about:

– Relatable local business stories with a focus on customer experience and financial insights
– How to lead in a way that ensures a positive legacy through challenging times
– A key business model being used to guide over 200 hospitality businesses through Covid 19
– Inspiration and tools for supporting good mental health in and out out of the office