The art of the cold introduction

As a founder it’s hard to grow your network and connect with other founders, mentors and investors.

To assist with funding many founders will try the cold email to approach investors. This involves sending an introduction email and your pitch deck. Many founders at this point will start to search for: “Write a Cold Email that Actually Works: 6-Step Tutorial”, “5 cold email templates for success” or “Improve Your Cold Email with 10 Proven Formulas”. But what really works?

Join us as we ask three investors to review your cold email introduction live. Find out what their first impressions are! Are there things you should avoid mentioning? How to demonstrate your passion? How to structure your pitch deck to engage with someone who doesn’t know you?

We’re calling on founders to send in your cold email introduction and pitch deck and we’ll review them live! Are you a seed stage founder who wants to know why you’re not getting responses back?