Startup Success Series: Finding a Co-Founder

In recent months, we’ve seen a huge influx of new, aspiring entrepreneurs enter the startup community. Many are on the hunt for a co-founder. Some are seeking technical co-founders, whilst others are looking for people who care about solving the same problem and want to dive in with them.

So do you need a co-founder?

Startups with co-founders rather than a solo entrepreneur have a much quicker journey to success, with Startup Genome reporting that lone founders¬†take longer to reach scaling stage and are more averse to pivoting. On top of that, they also reported that startups with balanced co-founder teams raise more money – it’s clear that a co-founding team is usually greater than the sum of its parts.

This is why it’s so important to pick the right co-founder. Many compare co-founding to marriage – every decision has to be a joint decision; you have to manage and maintain the relationship and have shared values so you can move forward as a unit. Above all else, you have to trust your co-founder.

That’s why for this edition of the Startup Success Series, we’re speaking with expert panellists on finding that perfect co-founder.

Specifically, we’ll aim to cover:

  • Benefits of having co-founders
  • How to think about co-founder recruitment
  • Where to find your future co-founder
  • Advice for co-founder agreements