CTRL+N: Building Company Cultures of the Future with Hiam Sakakini & Emma Rayment (The Culture Equation)

Have you ever wondered what high-impact organisations have in common? Exceptional company culture.

Curating company culture is no easy feat. And building a high performing, positive culture requires intention and effort. But it’s the kind of effort that has big payoffs — including team performance, an increased sense of inclusivity, and psychological safety.

But how does culture differ between traditional organisations and startups? And how can founders be more intentional about curating their unique culture codes?

To answer these questions and more, we’re thrilled to bring on Hiam Sakakini & Emma Rayment from The Culture Equation – an organisation that supports fast growing organisations by helping them build healthy team cultures.

We’ll be discussing:
– How to design effective employee experiences
– Benefits of having a values-led organisation
– How to build team cultures of the future