Techstars x Startup Victoria Present: Global Launchpad

Techstars x Startup Victoria Present: Global Launchpad – a day of education for early-stage founders featuring global perspectives.

Learn the basics of startups and equip yourself with the knowledge to begin your founder journey into the unknown with Global Launchpad, a collaborative, all-day event by Startup Victoria and Techstars.

Global Launchpad is an all-day, online event featuring speakers from around the world giving their advice and perspectives on a number of topics related to becoming a founder and starting a startup. Throughout the day, you’ll not only hear from international experts; you’ll also get the opportunity to take part in a number of interactive workshops and activities as you develop your skills and knowledge whilst also connecting with others about to embark and the same journey.

This event will cover the key areas of early-stage founding, giving you a Global Launchpad to kickstart your journey as you prepare to take off into the exciting world of startups.