Co-Connected: Intro to woodworking

Ever been curious about woodworking, but didn’t know where to start? Learn all about cutting, ripping, carving, shaving, laminating, bending, sanding, staining, dressing timber and more at FAB9, Melbourne’s newest makerspace.

At this informative session, Intro to Woodworking, FAB9’s will show you the basics of woodworking tools and machines in FAB9’s brand new Timber shop, including the:

* Table saw
* Thicknesser
* Planer (Jointer)
* Drill press
* Vertical bandsaw
* Downdraft sanding table
* Drop saw and
* Lathe

Looking to build foundational woodworking knowledge that will help you get started on your dream project? Intro to Woodworking is ideal for you.

After the session, there will be an opportunity to network, mingle and chat with fellow makers and woodworkers. Food and beverage will be provided on the evening.

This is the second in a 10-part series of Co-Connected events that will be hosted by FAB9. Co-Connected is a series of free events designed to empower start-ups to create innovative services and products and develop key connections between networks, people, talent and infrastructure.