iHarvest Masterclass#22 – How to Create Effective Promotional Videos

Storytelling is the essence of how we can connect and relate to each other. Marketers are finding it more difficult than ever to stand apart from their competitors in a crowded marketplace. Reaching & connecting with your audience requires more than just putting content out. Information has virtually no value anymore. So the question becomes, how do we engage with our audiences?

In this masterclass, we will examine how to create content that cuts through to effectively engage and resonate with audiences on an emotional level. This is for Marketers, Social Media Managers & Content Producers that want to create a memorable brand experience.

Here is a sample of the topics we will discuss:
– Video First Platforms & How to Create Effective Content
– Marketing & Attention
– Persuasion & the Art of Communication
– Brand Trust
– Mastering the Art of Storytelling

This masterclass is for entrepreneurs who want to:
– Use the power of video to promote their video
– Learn the various stages of effective video production
– Register for this masterclass to learn how to create effective promotional videos for your startup.


Phoebe Kuhn is a Speaker, Human Behaviour Specialist, Personal Brand Strategist, Business and Mindset Coach. She works with Entrepreneurs & Executives to bring their talents and ideas into the world in a scalable, profitable and inspiring way. Prior to starting her own business, she worked in various roles in Food Tech & Legal Tech Startups, eCommerce & at some of the world’s most awarded Creative Agencies, managing digital projects for the likes of Myer, NAB, Holden, Coles, iSelect & 2XU. Through her experience in the Digital Marketing & Communications sector and a background in Personal Development & Human Behaviour, Phoebe fuses her unique experience to drive innovation through a deeper understanding of Consumer Behaviour & Core Human Needs. She writes and speaks on the topics of Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Human Behaviour Dynamics.

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