iHarvest Masterclass#18 – Scaling Beyond You (for Solopreneurs)

No one is good at everything, nor can they do everything. When is the time for a solopreneur to develop a team and how can this be done effectively while maintaining high standards of service and values?

Building a resilient founding team is vital to the success of your startup. This masterclass is not a lecture, but a hands-on session where participants carry out exercises and active discussions to ensure we address your specific concerns and opportunities.

This masterclass will look at scaling up from three angles:

Exploring the pain points and barriers for scaling up
Scaling up options and their pros & cons (co-founders, contractors, employees)
Building high performing teams and ensuring high values and standards are met
This masterclass is for entrepreneurs who want to:

Scale up their startup by curating a lean, dedicated team
Create a working environment for their team that inspires loyalty, enthusiasm and pride
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Dr Zivit Inbar is the founder and CEO of DifferenThinking, a consulting practice that specialises in people, culture, leadership & performance strategies for growth with particular expertise in Technology companies, Start-ups, and Venture Capitals. Zivit has over 17 years of experience and expertise with building high-performance teams, driving high-level strategies and processes. Zivit is also the facilitator of the CSIRO’s Women in Innovation book club, developing leadership and entrepreneurial skills in female Australian researchers.

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