iHarvest Masterclass#7 – Designing Your Startup Culture

Launching a startup provides the unique opportunity to build a company culture from the ground up and strengthen your chances of success. Startups can scale quickly, with dozens of competing priorities, so this is often overlooked. But a positive workplace environment is critical for ensuring your startup can endure the risks and rewards of growth.

What is culture? Ping pong tables and free lunches are superficial perks. Instead, build a lasting culture around good values, communication and support. Avoid creating a toxic startup culture by setting a positive example for your team. This masterclass is your first step in developing and implementing YOUR startup culture.

Here’s a sample of some of the topics we’ll discuss:
– Understanding what culture is and what it isn’t
– Developing the startup values: practical exercises to define the startup values
– Implementing the values in the business: tips and advice on how to best implement a strong culture

This masterclass is for entrepreneurs who want to:
– Establish a positive startup culture from the get-go
– Create a working environment for their team that inspires loyalty, enthusiasm and pride

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