Innovation Through the Disability Lens

At this time, with millions of people encountering inaccessibility we ask you to see things differently by viewing innovation through the disability lens. Technology has become the beacon of light as humans and businesses navigate the ‘new normal’. This new normal is not so new for one in five people globally with a disability who have had to navigate the world differently out of necessity.

Join us for this live session with a remarkable panel to discuss the history and future of technology stemming from disability innovation. The panel will share their insights on why we should look to the disability community to inform, reset and elevate tech innovation.

Srin Madipalli, Founder and Investor, Product Manager at Airbnb (London)
Professor Jackie Leach Scully, Director, Disability Innovation Institute, University of New South Wales (Sydney)
Janice O’Connor, Manager for Research, Innovation & Stakeholder Engagement, Onemda (Melbourne)